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  • Talking Resilience with Chuck Collins: Welcome to the Future / @postcarbon

    Talking Resilience with Chuck Collins: Welcome to the Future Post Carbon Institute 11 Jul '15, 4pm

    [More] programmatically, Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition is looking at the regional food system. We helped start a farmers’ market, we have a food forest project, and…community gardening [projects]. We are interested in community energy, partnering with Co-op Power, and groups li...

  • Greece Diary: An outsider's analysis of the situation / @postcarbon

    Greece Diary Post Carbon Institute 10 Jul '15, 5pm

    Lurking in the background is the immigration question. Refugees from political chaos in the Middle East, and from worsening African poverty, have fed rapid population growth in Athens (and Istanbul as well). Immigration has boosted GDP in some ways (wealthy Syrians relocating to Istan...

  • What is the unspoken conclusion of the latest #IMF report? curtail and reverse economic #growth via…

    The IMF Tells a Half-Truth Post Carbon Institute 20 May '15, 6pm

    The take-away message of the IMF report for most readers would seem to be, “It costs us so much to burn fossil fuels ($10 million per minute, according to authors David Coady et al. ) that we would save enormous sums by transitioning to alternative energy sources.” But there is a lot ...

  • Pope Francis Rides an Encyclical

    Pope Francis Rides an Encyclical Post Carbon Institute 18 Jun '15, 8pm

    Conservative politicians and business leaders are bound to be unhappy, but they would be foolish to try discrediting the messenger. That’s because Pope Francis has attained rock star status; he’s even graced the cover of Rolling Stone . The “Francis effect” is bringing young Catholics...

  • Solar Electricity Buybacks May Reduce Groundwater Depletion in India / @postcarbon

    Solar Electricity Buybacks May Reduce Groundwater Depletion in India Post Carbon Institute 27 Jun '15, 6pm

    The idea is to enable farmers using solar-powered irrigation pumps to sell excess electricity back to the grid. That gives them an incentive to pump only the water they really need for their crops, slowing the depletion of groundwater. It also diversifies and boosts their incomes. And...

  • The Anthropocene: It’s Not All About Us Post Carbon Institute 10 Apr '15, 7pm

    Defying risk of redundancy, I will hammer home the point: cheap, abundant energy is the prerequisite for the Techno-Anthropocene. We can only deal with the challenges of resource depletion and overpopulation by employing more energy. Running out of fresh water? Just build desalination...

  • Revisiting the Shale Oil Hype: Technology versus Geology

    Revisiting the Shale Oil Hype: Technology versus Geology Post Carbon Institute 30 Mar '15, 10pm

    Irrespective of price, geology is trumping technology in the Bakken and Eagle Ford plays. The widely reported ramp up in well productivity in the Bakken and Eagle Ford plays over the past year due to technology improvements does not exist when examined at the play- and county-level . ...

  • Our Renewable Future Post Carbon Institute 27 Apr '15, 1pm

    This video by Richard Heinberg is about as truthful as you are going to get. The real question is how will humanity act as this plays out. An argument can be made that most non-biological technology is unsustainable. The biological systems on Earth that have evolved over billions of y...

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