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  • Directory:Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor - 05 Feb '17, 12am

    I have tested the rotor principle of Yildiz according to his patent claim, with an ascending row of stator magnets inside and a linear row outside in a set-up of 9:14:17 for inner stator, rotor and outer stator. The rotor magnets were 10 degrees out of alignment. The result was like w...

  • Review: A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995 -- Bombing was a False Flag Event - 15 May '17, 2am

    On the Friday, December 16, 2011 edition of the Infowars Nightly News, Alex interviews guests James Lane and Holland Van den Nieuwenhof about their new film, A Noble Lie, which details their years of investigative research on the false flag that was the Oklahoma City Bombing. From wit...

  • @arikring For a proper understanding of history a reprint from 1916, Shuman-Boys and Niko Tesla:

    Reprint:Tesla's Solar Ideas - 03 Jul '16, 7am

    Every sort of light with which we illuminate our home when the greater light has sunk beneath the horizon, every fire that warms us when the solar rays can no longer do so, is a product originating in the sun. The chip of wood with which the untaught son of nature brightens his hut, t...

  • Directory:U-Plug Power Products LLC 11 Feb '16, 7pm

    Over 7 Years ago our Founder, Tim Slavings, stumbled upon the technology that is used in the current U-Plug. He noticed an odd occurrence while working on another energy saving system; he then played with the idea for a few years until he made the demonstrator model. In 2013 Tim showe...

  • Directory: Magnet Transduced Generator (MTG) and Magnetic Inducer Engine (MIE) by Noca Clean Energy 24 Jan '16, 12am

    Noca Clean Energy has developed a technology that will redefine the electrical energy generation sector. The Magnetic Transducer Generator (MTG) provides access to an inexpensive, continuously-available, and non-polluting method for generating electrical energy in a format that is app...

  • David Puchta survives electrocution; hospitalized from clot issues: David has been treating the doctors Paloma...

    Free Energy Blog:2015:12:28 29 Dec '15, 2am

    I just spoke with our brilliant friend, David Puchta, who is able to intuitively and intelligently articulate free energy methodologies perhaps better than anyone I've ever met, and who has built a bunch of excellent prototypes and products that demonstrate these principles he's been ...

  • Visual Education Project - Their "perpetual motion" videos are all fakes

    Directory:Visual Education Project 11 Jan '16, 1am

    My Perpetual Motion Machines models are of motorized versions that were built to illustrate how they were supposed to work in the minds of Inventors. Never mind what educational level we are at, we all miss something that goes beyond the usual scientific explanations. Fundamental Scie...

  • Mixing glow stick chemicals with ferrofluid effects visible spectrum

    Free Energy Blog:2016:01:22 22 Jan '16, 7pm

    But what would happen if you add the chemicals that are inside a glow stick to ferrofluid, well it becomes something that is visually so stunning and awesome in the way the chemicals react to the ferrofluid. The color combinations are something you’ve never seen before.

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