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Feasta was launched in Dublin in October 1998 to explore the economic, cultural and environmental characteristics of a truly sustainable ...

  • How interest-free banking works: The case of JAK

    How interest-free banking works: The case of JAK, by Ana Carrie

    feasta.org 13 May '14, 7am

    Given the choice of borrowing without interest or saving without interest, most of us would gladly choose borrowing. While people are generally willing to save temporary surpluses of money in current accounts that don't pay interest, few are willing or able to save more significant am...

  • Community Energy in Ireland (Part 2) | Feasta

    feasta.org 09 Aug '14, 9pm

    This mechanism of coupling energy to money also allows the community to already pay for their energy for a future point in time, just as it is possible to use pre-paid minutes for mobile phone usage. The direct profit for the buyer of the pre-paid bonds occurs when energy prices rise ...

  • Why regulations won't make #fracking safe

    Getting real about regulation – why it won’t make fracking safe | Feasta

    feasta.org 02 Mar '14, 1am

    “The review from PHE states that fracking to extract shale gas is unlikely to have a detrimental effect on the health of people living nearby, provided that operations are properly run and regulated. However, the body has admitted that little robust research has looked specifically at...

  • Catastrophic Shocks in Complex Socio-Economic Systems—a pandemic perspective |

    feasta.org 06 Oct '13, 11am

    The globalised economy has become more complex (connectivity, interdependence, and speed), and delocalized, with increasing concentration within critical systems. This has made us all more vulnerable to systemic shocks. This paper by David Korowicz provides an overview of the effect o...

  • Universal Basic Income: A support for intelligent economies, quality of life and a caring society | Feasta

    feasta.org 17 Apr '13, 8pm

    The present social-welfare system is not working. It was designed for a different era, to provide income security for the relatively small numbers of people who became temporarily unemployed from standard jobs. Efforts to patch it up in response to new needs have been piecemeal. We ne...

  • Contents of The Ecology of Money

    feasta.org 03 Nov '13, 7pm

    Search Foreword by Bernard Lietaer PDF version Glossary Introduction & Summary PDF version Chapter 1: Commercially-produced Money Box 1: How the Bank of England controls the Money Supply Box 2: Why does our present money system lead to a long-term misuse of resources? PDF version Chap...

  • Basic Income Ireland: first public event | Feasta

    feasta.org 15 Feb '13, 12pm

    Site Value Tax Petition to Minister Noonan This residential property tax will be collected on every home in Ireland. The rate you will pay, under this system, depends on the full value of your property including the building. The square footage, the number of bedrooms in your home, en...

  • Information, preferences, knowledge and belief | Feasta

    feasta.org 10 Aug '13, 7pm

    In recent years there has been a recognition by some economists and academics (who are mostly from dominant non-indigenous communities) of what is called “traditional environmental knowledge” or TEK for short). There has been a dawning realisation that indigenous cultures that were be...


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