• #Brexit #Britain torpedoes plans for an #EU #military headquarter to coordinate #security and #defense.

    UK blocks blueprint for EU military HQ

    euobserver.com 16 May '17, 11am

    Mogherini said she gave same "clear" message to UK defence minister Michael Fallon by phone (Photo: consilium.europa.eu) “There’s a discussion still going on about some of the language there”, he said. “If they want to come together [on joint defence plans] … then, you know, we’re not...

  • Singapore deal needs national approval, EU lawyer says

    euobserver.com 21 Dec '16, 1pm

    The advisory opinion, if followed by a subsequent European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling next year, could mean complex trade deals will not only have to be approved by EU institutions, but also by parliaments across the union, slowing down the process. This could affect the EU's trade...

  • #EUSSR: #EU #military #HQ to take charge of #Africa missions... aka fleecing #African continent

    EU military HQ to take charge of Africa missions

    euobserver.com 07 Mar '17, 6am

    Mogherini: "It’s a more effective way of handling our military work" (Photo: consilium.europa.eu) It will have about 30 personnel, most of whom will be pulled in from other EU departments, and will be led by a Finnish lieutenant-general, Esa Pulkkinen, who also heads the military expe...

  • #Juncker says #EU should press ahead with #military cooperation referring to #French and #German ideas.

    Juncker envisages EU of core groups

    euobserver.com 24 Feb '17, 3pm

    “We have to come up with an answer to this historical question, which is to ask ourselves: Do we want to move ahead as 28 - we’ve already lost the 28th - or should it not be that those who want to go forward more rapidly can do so without bothering the others by putting in place a mor...

  • #Brexit and the election in the #US have set a new course for #EU on the issue of #military integration.

    Germany: Trump victory to spur EU military union

    euobserver.com 11 Nov '16, 5pm

    Von der Leyen (l) with Mogherini (Photo: eeas.europa.eu) “The Brexit decision and the election in the United States have set a new course” for the EU, she added. She said it was “difficult for Germany and Europe, on the day after the election, to assess what to expect from a Trump pre...

  • Reacting to #BratislavaSummit, #UK says it would veto the creation of #EU #military capabilities.

    UK to veto EU 'defence union'

    euobserver.com 18 Sep '16, 5pm

    British defence minister Michael Fallon has said the UK would veto the creation of EU military capabilities so long as it remained a member of the bloc. Reacting to ideas on closer EU defence cooperation, discussed at the Bratislava summit on Friday (16 September), he told The Times, ...

  • [Interview] #Nato says it will boost #military #aid to #Georgia at its summit in Warsaw in July

    Russia 'ready to destabilise half of Eurasia'

    euobserver.com 12 Jun '16, 5pm

    Ivanishvili said Georgia must wait for Russia to realise the time is right to let it join Nato (Photo: EUobserver) There is no imminent prospect of Georgia joining either of the clubs. But Nato said it will boost military aid to Georgia at its summit in Warsaw in July. Top Nato and EU...

  • [Column / Brexit Briefing] The battle for Maggie Thatcher’s handbag https://t.co/H7WmiSwlyB

    The battle for Maggie Thatcher’s handbag

    euobserver.com 08 Jul '16, 4pm

    Theresa May has a far greater public popularity than Leadsom. (Photo: The Council of the European Union") That May would top the poll was obvious from the first ballot on Tuesday (5 July), when she won 165 votes and the endorsement of Stephen Crabb and Liam Fox who, respectively, with...