• Rails 5.2: ActiveStorage highlight | Drivy Engineering

    drivy.engineering 17 May '18, 12pm

    Storage: A few lines of configuration are enough to store/mirror your files into AWS S3, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. And if you’re using a more funky storage provider, you can extend the ActiveStorage::Service class. Direct upload: A complete JavaScript library has been written f...

  • Evolution Of Our Continuous Delivery Process | Drivy Engineering

    drivy.engineering 28 Sep '17, 8pm

    Drivy used to be in PHP, but for various reasons we decided to move away from it and use Ruby on Rails. At this point we started creating automated tests for everything we were doing, and have kept adding to our test suite since then. This is very important because without automated t...

  • State machines design tips for web developers #ruby #rails

    Designing state machines | Drivy Engineering

    drivy.engineering 26 Jun '17, 9am

    State machines are a very powerful tool but are often underused in web development. The design process forces you to think hard about how you want to model your data, about the different objects lifecycles, about the way you want to expose your data and communicate with your whole tea...