29 Nov '12, 9pm

If we get $1k from Twitter followers, we unlock $5k from a generous donor. No amt is too small. Pls donate today!

Amplify your impact! We're trying to raise $1,000 from our twitter followers, it'll be matched with a $5,000 gift. RMI is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. If you are already a member, please Sign In to complete this form more quickly.

Full article: https://www.rmi.org/fall_appeal_2012-6


Gotta love the Bitcoin community: Wikipedia doesn't accept BTC donations, so BitPay sets up a merchant account for free

Gotta love the Bitcoin community: Wikipedia doe...

blog.bitpay.com 29 Nov '12, 5pm

Many users in the bitcoin community support Wikipedia, and wish to donate to Wikipedia. Donate to Wikipedia with Bitcoin W...