28 Jul '12, 11pm

#Chess - Chess, Checkers and Stratego, games of consolidation - (blog)

When you look at the industry there is a very interesting game being played. Is it chess or is it checkers, I think it is more like Stratego. It has been a few weeks since my last blog, not sure why but I am back and my mind has been busy at the game, the game of consolidation. In just the past week the amount of mergers and acquisitions as well as closures has been numerous in the energy industry as a whole. From the Duke deals and the firings to the small majority purchase of Premier Power in California the activity is creating a lot of chatter, good, bad, better, who owns who, crisis, great markets, more stock, less and then you add in the China markets now saying we are dumping on them and the European markets getting into the China fight. This is going to be fun to watch. So the main question I want to promote here is this; consolidation god or bad? Here comes my opin...

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London, Friday 27th July 2012, 11.30am LET THE GAMES BEGIN IN BRITAIN I love British Vogue’s poise and pretty sporty stren...

Watch: Fantasy chess games for Prada

Watch: Fantasy chess games for Prada

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Prada’s Fall 2012 Campaign Prada's fall 2012 campaign features Elza Luijendijk, Vanessa Axente, Iselin Steiro, and Madison...

6 months from the day I leave

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Let the games begin!

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I picked a good weekend to be out of cell phone range and unconnected to the internet – and judging from how the rest of t...