28 Jan '15, 1pm

German ground-mount solar to be limited to 1.2GW for 2015-17

Sigmar Gabriel, Gemrnay's Minister of Economy and Energy. Source: SPD Germany has approved plans that will limit ground mount PV to three tenders between now and 2017 worth 1.2GW in total, Sigmar Gabriel, Minister of Economy and Energy has announced today. A 500MW tender will be launched next month with bids to be submitted by April. A 400MW auction will be held in 2016 and 300MW available in 2017. The EPIA told PV Tech last week the plans made no sense at a time when PV costs are still falling. German trade group BSW-Solar warned that the figure was too low and could mean the country misses its overall solar deployment target of 7.5GW by 2017.

Full article: http://www.pv-tech.org/news/german_ground_mount_solar_to_...


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pv-tech.org 28 Jan '15, 1pm

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There Is Solar, And There Is Solar

There Is Solar, And There Is Solar

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The Hindu, January 19, 2015 quotes India’s Renewable Energy Minister Piyush Goyal: “India [is] committed to its … target o...

The Solar-Utility Battle Is Getting Ugly

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