28 Dec '14, 1am

Part 1 of our #GTVS is here! First up: The #Hyperloop. (Photo credit: @TeslaMotors)

In the new year, Energy Digital will be adding a sector to its coverage: Green Transportation! I couldn't be more excited, as it's a topic I'm very interested in and enjoy. So, to kick things off, I'd like to introduce our Green Transportation Video Series, in which we'll be showcasing some of the coolest and most innovative forms of green transit in the world today. First up: The Hyperloop. What is the Hyperloop you ask? This video will get you all caught up on Elon Musk's incredibly fast train. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it could truly become a reality, as the project has begun to move forward . What do you think? Los Angeles to San Francisco in 20-30 minutes? Is that possible, or is this just one giant pipe dream? Let us know on Twitter @EnergyDigital and on Facebook at /EnergyDig .

Full article: http://www.energydigital.com/greentech/3740/Green-Transpo...