31 Dec '11, 3pm

Drumbeat: December 31, 2011

Oil fell, paring a third annual increase, as Chinese manufacturing contracted for a second month in December, spurring concern that demand from the world’s second-largest crude-consuming country may slow. Futures dropped 0.8 percent after the report by HSBC Holdings Plc and Markit Economics also showed China’s exports fell for the first time in three months as Europe’s debt crisis reduced orders. Oil advanced 8.2 percent in 2011 as a collapse in Libyan exports cut supply, U.S. stimulus measures revived the economy and Iran threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz.

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Drumbeat: December 30, 2011

theoildrum.com 30 Dec '11, 2pm

This basic desire for more has meshed beautifully with a growth-based economic model and a planet offering up its stored r...

#peakoil Energy - Dec 31

energybulletin.net 31 Dec '11, 1am

Published Dec 31 2011 by Energy Bulletin , Archived Dec 31 2011 Energy - Dec 31 by Staff Click on the headline (link) for ...

Project Finish it Up: December 2011

Project Finish it Up: December 2011

sweetestsins.blogspot.com 07 Jan '12, 4pm

Honestly, this toner is not bad as it brightens my skin and it cleanse quite well too. The only thing that I dislike about...

Powerful article on Cove Guardians. I'm honored to support them & am grateful 4 their work #Tweet4Taiji #seashepherd

Powerful article on Cove Guardians. I'm honored...

seashepherd.org 31 Dec '11, 8pm

Operation Infinite Patience: December 31, 2011 What Do Cove Guardians Do? Cove Guardians Scott West, Luca Frattini, and Et...

[Daily Blog Reads] December

[Daily Blog Reads] December

sophiewillocq.blogspot.com 01 Jan '12, 5pm

Visited our previously fostered dog, Poppy, at her adopter's place recently! She's still as feisty as ever but we really l...

Drumbeat: December 28, 2011

theoildrum.com 28 Dec '11, 2pm

In May 1987 the US frigate Stark, calmly sailing the waters of the Persian Gulf, was suddenly blown apart by an Exocet mis...

Drumbeat: December 26, 2011

Drumbeat: December 26, 2011

theoildrum.com 26 Dec '11, 3pm

Posted by Leanan on December 26, 2011 - 10:42am Oil interests push China into Sudanese mire China, which gets nearly a thi...

Drumbeat: December 24, 2011

Drumbeat: December 24, 2011

theoildrum.com 24 Dec '11, 3pm

Posted by Leanan on December 24, 2011 - 11:27am Shale Boom Heralds Fifth Year of Gas Declines Booming U.S. natural gas pro...

Drumbeat: December 23, 2011

theoildrum.com 23 Dec '11, 3pm

Posted by Leanan on December 23, 2011 - 10:51am ‘Secret’ Environment Canada study warns of oil sands’ impact on habitat OT...

Drumbeat: December 21, 2011

theoildrum.com 21 Dec '11, 2pm

Posted by Leanan on December 21, 2011 - 10:23am The Peak Oil Crisis: 2012 – Apocalypse Now? Whether the global civilizatio...

Daily Search Forum Recap: December 30, 2011

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Google's Happy New Year Logo Google has already posted their Happy New Year logo on many of the Google properties... Video...

China manufacturing rebounds in December

China manufacturing rebounds in December

channelnewsasia.com 01 Jan '12, 5am

SHANGHAI: China's manufacturing activity rebounded in December helped by holiday shopping, according to official data Sund...

SkS Weekly Digest #31

SkS Weekly Digest #31

skepticalscience.com 01 Jan '12, 10pm

This is the final issue of the SkS Weekly Digest for calendar year 2011. Next week's issue will be first of the new 2012 S...

Web Snob December 30, 2011 via Bag Snob - ShoeS...

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Top 5 Dresses for New Years 2012 Show Me the Marni: One-Track Mind Snob Worthy Links December 28, 2011 Haute for the Holid...