27 Nov '13, 6pm

@UCBerkeley grad students committed to advancing sustainability eligible for Rosenfeld Award

From the University of California Berkeley: UC Berkeley graduate students committed to advancing sustainability are eligible for the Art Rosenfeld Award for Energy Efficiency, recognizing the Berkeley professor who is a global champion of energy conservation and technologies to support it. Annual Rosenfeld Awards of initially $3,000 will be given to promote research and scholarly pursuit in sustainability, with the size of the awards increasing as the fund grows. Recipients will be passionate in pursuing an education and career in the science, policy, or implementation of energy-efficiency technologies. Their work will aim to reduce the life-cycle cost of energy and lighten the environmental impact of energy consumption. More information at the UC Berkeley website below. Links Art Rosenfeld Awards for UC Berkeley Graduate Students Art Rosenfeld's Berkeley Lab website

Full article: http://eetd.lbl.gov/news/article/57225/uc-berkeley-gradua...