30 Oct '11, 11am

Tech Talk - The Niobrara, the Tuscaloosa and the Chattanooga shales

When Governor Perry recently released his Energy Plan, I noted in my review , that it bore a close resemblance to the position paper prepared by CERA for the API, and that it could be, in consequence, considered perhaps the “best shot” of the oil and gas industry in predicting where new North American resources might come from in the next couple of decades. One distinction that I did not make, and that is somewhat difficult to decide, is the extent to which these events will come to pass, regardless of who is the next President. If one looks at the different regions that are suggested as sources to increase oil availability for the United States, I have largely discussed the various options, whether the Bakken Shale , the off-shore resources of Alaska and of the Gulf of Mexico , and the gas shale reserves such as the Marcellus. One of the two regions and resources I had no...

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Tech Talk - Drilling off the Atlantic Coast

theoildrum.com 06 Nov '11, 12pm

But even if the decision is made to go ahead, the EIA consider that it will take at least four years from the sale of leas...