23 Aug '11, 3pm

Nate Hagens' classic @TheOilDrum "The Psychological Roots of Resource Over-Consumption" #peakoil #energy #environment

Thanks for showing us again the synthesis of your research. It remains thought provoking (as will certainly be the book which I ordered). I keep thinking about it every time I see a patient with parkinson’s disease and when I read articles about dopamine receptors. For the pleasure of discussing things I would say that I am not entirely convinced that Dopamine is the neurotransmitter of the shoot-like pleasure associated with addictive pleasures. Dopamine is certainly involved in the general regulation of repetitive behavior but is it the transmitter which explains it all? I could put it otherwise : does dopamine make us regress towards addictive behavior ? Let me explain why I need to learn more. First of all, action of neurotransmitters depend not on the molecule but on the receptor and the neuronal pathways where these receptors are located. In the case of dopamine rece...

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