12 Aug '18, 3pm

PV Tech

PV Tech

Welcome to the tenth anniversary edition of Photovoltaics International. Over the past decade this journal has documented the latest developments in the fast-changing of world PV technology, bringing you exclusive insights from researchers working at the industry’s cutting edge. Over that time the pace of change has been astonishing, so much so that it scarcely seems as though one new technology is accepted before the next arrives on the scene. So seems to be the case with the passivated emitter and rear cell (PERC), which having become the technology upgrade of choice across the industry now appears to have a successor in waiting. In this edition researchers at Fraunhofer ISE look at so-called tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) technology as a follow-up to PERC. Meanwhile, a team from TÜV Rheinland takes a deep dive into the vexed question of how the industry can mo...

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Spain’s Ongoing Solar Woes Give Portuguese PV a Push https://t.co/ZXtz0QAANO

Spain’s Ongoing Solar Woes Give Portuguese PV a...

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Continuing regulatory issues in Spain mean solar development is getting pushed across the border. This month, for example,...